Suggested Noida projects based on price and location

For those for whom project search is a function of  price and location, we bring to you the following list of suggested projects:

BSP Location Project
3000-3500 Noida expressway Jaypee Aman
3500-4000 Noida expressway Jaypee Kosmos
4000-4500 Noida expressway Today Homes Ridge Residency
7X Mahagun Mirabella
4500-5000 Noida expressway 3C lotus zing, ATS Pristine
7X Ashiana sector 79
11X Ajnara 121
5000-5500 Noida expressway Gulshan Vivante
7X Mahagun Moderne
11X Prateek Laurel
5500-6000 Noida expressway Purvanchal royal park
7X Assotech windsor court, Sunshine Helios
11X Gaur Grandeur
6000-6500 Noida expressway 3C Lotus Boulevard
7X Sunshine Helios
6500-7000 Noida expressway Jaypee Pavillion court GC Facing
7X Mahagun Maple
7000-7500 Noida expressway 3C 300
7500-8000 Noida expressway ATS Hamlet


Please note that some of the projects suggested above have delay/builder issues but score on either their price tag or location.

We are soon bringing a special series of individual project reviews. If you are interested in getting a specific project reviewed, please write to us at

Comments/Feedback invited.

Last updated: November 28, 2014 at 22:05 pm

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