Documents that builder needs to furnish while applying for occupancy certificate

When applying for Occupancy certificate(OC)/Completion certificate (CC) of a Group housing project, builder is supposed to submit a set of documents and certificates to concerned development authorities. The site inspection is supposed to take place only post receipt of these documents. Documents that builder needs to furnish while applying for occupancy certificate in Noida and Greater Noida Authority are listed below:

  1. NOC from Fire department.
  2. Photographs of the project site.
  3. NOC from Environment department.
  4. NOC from UP Pollution board.
  5. NOC from Airport authority.
  6. NOC with respect to Lift safety.
  7. Structural stability certificate (from registered architect).
  8. Labor cess NOC and Affidavit.
  9. Rain water harvesting Affidavit.
  10. Affidavit in relation to restriction of ground water usage from central authorities.
  11. Deed of Declaration as per UP apartment act 2016 (Form A).
  12. Buyers Consent (Form B).
  13. Letter from accounts department.
  14. STP related Affidavit and receipt from Authority (certificate required for CC).
  15. Basement usage related Affidavit.
  16. Common greens usage related Affidavit.
  17. Affidavit conforming resolution of objections raised by allottees.
  18. Affidavit related to Allottee consent form.
  19. Affidavit related to Barricading from under construction area in case of partial occupancy.
  20. Affidavit in relation to matching of measurements given under Drawings with actual measurements.
  21. Electricity and Sewerage receipt (connection proof required for CC).
  22. Check/Draft with OC/CC processing fees.

You would find that almost 50% of these documents are in form of Affidavits. Since Affidavits are furnished to authorities, it automatically becomes the authority’s responsibility to ensure they are being implemented in accordance. In case your project has already received OC/CC, please reach the authorities if you feel one or more of the facilities as specified in Affidavits are not being developed or being misused.

You must also know that authority publishes public notice before proceeding with OC/CC application of a project. Buyers are entitled to view the above set of ‘Documents that builder needs to furnish while applying for occupancy certificate’ and if they find one or more documents missing, they can file objections against the OC/CC application.

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