Registry process for Noida group housing flats

We have discussed about stamp duty calculation and circle rate for group housing flats in Noida before.
Today, we refer to the exact process for Registry better known as Sub lease deed for a flat in group housing society in Noida.

Registry process for group housing flats in Noida

The process involves the following players:

1) You as a sub-lessee
2) Builder as a lessee
3) Noida authority
4) Registrar/Sub-Registrar office
5) Witnesses (2 in total required)

Below are the expenses involved over and above the stamp duty:

Sub registrar fees: Around 21,000

Processing fee: 1,000

Misc expenses: 400

Total Expenses over stamp duty without lawyer (self or builder appointed): Around 23,000

A self appointed lawyer will cost between 5k to 10k while a builder appointed lawyer will cost between 15k to 20k over and above the above expenses.

Total working days for the entire registration process is 5 to 7 days.

The Registry process for Noida group housing flats has been shared by Mr. Mohit Arora on 3C group based on his personal experience and he deserves all the credit for this information. This was shared on our review forum by one of our members.

The entire process has been shared at:

Real Estate review forum – Builder 3C

We have shared this here in our blog so as to give a ready reference to the readers. Thanks again to Mr. Mohit for offering an alternate to the avid anti-corruption brigade of buyers.

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    Good information at your end

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      Thanks for the appreciation Siddhartha. Regards.

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