Being transparent – Our quarterly income report (April-June)

In an attempt to being transparent with our readers, we shall share our income and expense report with all on a quarterly basis.

We begin with our quarterly income report for April-June quarter.

Our income

Income from Advertisements for April 1.3k
Income from Advertisements for May 3.2k
Income from Advertisements for June 2k
Total Income 6.5k

Our Expenses

Internet expenses for blogging activity and promotion 1.5k
Blogger logistics(travel, data charges) for bloggers 4.5k
Hosting expense for quarter 5k/4=1.25k
Total Expense 7.25k

Time spent

Total Time spent on Website for Blogging, Promotion, Moderation and Liasoning = 270 hours (Approx.)

Total Time spent on Data collection and research activity = 180 hours (Approx.)

Total Time spent = 450 hours (Approx.)

Total Profit/Loss = Total Income -Total Expenses = 6.5k – 7.25k = -0.75k (Loss of INR 750)

We have added a senior blogger with us who is now an essential part of Go4Reviews. You can see that our blogger logistic expenses have increased over the last quarter. Also, moderation effort and time spent on it has increased due to the launch of User Review forum for Real Estate during this quarter. Our income on the other hand has marginally improved.


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  • July 1, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    Excellent initiative.
    Best wishes.

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