Noida Projects that flattered to deceive

We bring to you a list of few Noida projects that had a lot to take note of. The location and/or planning were impelling and that invited a lot of takers as well. But, what eventually emerged was really discouraging to many. While there may be/are many more such projects, we bring to you just few of them here:

Unitech Unihomes sector 117:

One of the very few launches in Noida in pre-2010 era.
It was a perfect buy for those running short on budget and still planning for accomodating a bigger family.
The small sized rooms could be eyesore for many but it definitely provided a very viable alternative to many.
A 3bhk in sub 1k sq ft size is beyond imagination but Unitech could do it in real.
The location was average but the site plan was excellent. All towers had lesser than 10 floors which implied a really low density development to top it all.
However, what transpired was uninspiring. The progress has been at best snail paced and seems to be suggesting an unending harsh experience for the buyers. Not a single tower has been delivered even after close to 6 years of launch.

Unitech Grande sector 96:

An unbelievably good location coupled with an excellent development plan ensured the prices were always on the higher side.
This was one of the most least dense development of recent times and still continues to be one.
But, the pace of development has left a lot to be desired. None of the towers are nearing completion and first possession seems at least a couple of years away.

Today Homes Ridge Residency sector 135:

What a location. Vast expanse of yamuna plains to one side and uninterrupting view on the other side, this was one of its kind plot.
Builder had done well in its Blossoms project in Gurgaon but had followed it up with series of failures which it seemed to have carried forward with this project.
The building architecture is really ordinary and builder is said to have cut costs with finishing as well.
The progress is nothing to take home about. First phase Possession still seems some good months away.

Sikka sector 143:

A relatively new builder trying to establish itself in residential sector was a good proposition.
The location was also expected to be a premium one in long term.
However, the builder messed it all up in its Kaamna and Karnam projects. Progress is extremely sluggish and quality is said to be not good either.
No doubt, Possession seems a far cry.

We hope the builder in each case learns from the mistakes it has been doing for so long and comes back strongly to help the ailing buyers and re-establish their own lost image in the market.

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