A boost to hopes for an expressway parallel metro

Metro for ‘city center to Bodaki near Greater Noida route’ has already gone beyond the approval phase and ground work is expected to start in a couple of months if all goes well.
What came as a rather surprise to us is little yet significant step forward towards planning for ‘Amity to expressway parallel metro route‘ that is proposed to join the city center to bodaki route at sector 143.
Over the weekend, the feasibility analysis for this route was in full swing. The service road running parallel to the expressway (towards the Unitech-ATS side) had metro boards put across it at at least two places – one near the Eldeco expressway exit and another near Unitech. Some 5-6 labours could be seen working at each of the two places.
When we checked with the engineer at one of site, we were told that they are performing soil testing which will be a crucial input to establishing the cost involved in the project which will be essential for DPR preparation.
While the work on already approved ‘City center to Bodaki route’ has already been delayed by few months, what needs to be seen is how soon these elementary steps for ‘expressway parallel route’ can be completed.

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