What not to do while dealing with builder

Dealing with builder is a tact in itself. There are some definite don’ts that you should keep in mind while doing so:

Don’t meet builder or its employees outside office/site.
We have kept this advice as the first and the foremost having experienced this personally. While you personal equation with the employee may be tempting, there have been incidences to the extent of kidnapping in past that suggest its won’t be wise to meet informally outside builder office/site.

Don’t ever resort to violence.
You will not only weaken your case, you might be in for a bigger trouble at the hands of an entity much stronger financially and legal experience-wise.
There have been incidences of minor cases of expression of frustration at builder’s office that have been very cleverly caught by builder through security cams for pursuing FIR against buyers.

Don’t just communicate verbally, send emails and registered posts.
With emails and registered posts being considered as the basis for increasing number of consumer cases, builders have certain level of apprehensions about such communications.

Don’t be a weed.
Be united with the buyer’s group that has put efforts all this while. Its easy to curse the leader(s) from distance when one himself/herself is submissive and un-contributive by nature.

Don’t back stab your buyer’s group by doing a dealing with builder behind their back. Most likely, in long term, you will end up on the losing side both financially and socially.

Don’t sign on any document with stamp paper without protest.
Remember, the sooner you sign, less are your chances of consumer case being stronger. In worst case, sign with properly documented protest.

We hope the above would help you deal in a thoroughly rightful manner without being generally submissive.

Please note that if you have any grievances or updates or reviews or experiences with respect to builder or its project(s) that you would like to share, you may do the same at the Go4Reviews Forum page at https://go4reviews.in/forums/forum/real-estate/. With the Delhi NCR centric reader base of Go4Reviews, we are sure your views would help others in the community as well.

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