The common problem of seepage, its symptoms and its solution

Seepage is one of the most dreaded and frustrating yet common problem that people face in their homes.
It is not that seepage is limited to apartments. Although less likely, it could very well be a realty in independent houses especially those developed by builder.
With the ever-degrading quality of construction by builders, the chances of seepage are only getting higher.

Finding the real cause of seepage could be a frustrating experience but symptoms could be a good indicator.

The common causes for seepage along with symptoms and solution are:

1) Cause: Seepage of water through floor tiles in bathrooms/kitchens of floor/flat above you.
Symptom: Such a seepage starts from top of wall or roof just near the bathroom and can quickly spread through the wall. This may happen more often after your neighbor takes a bath or cleans his/her floor.
Solution: This can be fixed quickly. The floor tiles in the flat/floor above you need to be grouted properly with putty and then left for drying for 12 hours at least. It is preferable to use Silicon Adhesive previous to applying putty for near 100% results.

2) Cause: Seepage of water due to water pipe leakage within your flat or flat above/next to you.
Symptom: This seepage spreads quickly and in most of the cases, leads to clearly visible water droplets. The valve to particular bathroom or kitchen can be closed for few hours to confirm if water pipe leakage is the actual issue.
Solution: This can unfortunately take long. Plumber shall be aware of water pipe fitting and walls have to be broken and loose fittings in pipes repaired. Epoxy Adhesives can be used to prevent frequently recurring issues.

3) Cause: Seepage of water due to drain pipe leakage.
Symptom: This seepage would be towards the side of wall where drainage pipes are located.
Solution: The false ceiling needs to be opened and leakages fixed. If the leakage is at a point in drainage pipe not visible through false ceiling , this could be a lengthier process. In such cases, drainage to neighbors flat is cut off and is joined only once repair work is done. Again, Epoxy Adhesives can be of use here as well.

4) Cause: Seepage of water due to rain owing to poor plaster in external wall(s) or top floor roof.
Symptom: Seepage outside wall/broken wall plaster and un-drained water on roof are an indicator.
Solution: Unfortunately, permanent solution can be achieved only once rain subsides. The solution however is simple and involves plastering and wall putty.

If you are re-painting the home/flat on your own, you may choose some new damp proof solutions that may delay the seepage dampness on the walls.

In any of the cases, cooperation from neighbor (mostly above you or next to you) is paramount. Hence be good to your neighbors 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The common problem of seepage, its symptoms and its solution

  • August 8, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Sir L am facing problems of external walls of my own building of seepage yet l amnot found where is the problem.please advise me.

    • August 8, 2016 at 3:53 pm

      you mean its an independent home or is it a flat? Is there any bathroom nearby? Is there any pipe running outside or inside that wall?

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