Window AC provision in modern day flats

Window ACs are quite famous in India, more so because the entry of split ACs for domestic use was far delayed in comparison to developed nations.
However, Builders nowadays are rarely seen providing Window AC provisions in their group housing flats.
In most of the cases, Builders do not give provision for Split ACs as well. However in rare cases, they do provide a hole through wall bricks for split AC provisioning.

With most of the buyers accustomed to using at least one Window ACs, installing the same in the flats becomes quite a task.
While providing provision for Window ACs does not amount to a lot of expenditure to the builders, any such provision definitely contradicts with the specifications provided with the builder.

The UPVC or aluminium windows/doors are mostly full length sliding windows and doors by specification thereby leaving no scope for a window space.
At projects where such window AC provision is provided with UPVC or aluminum window, the same is not found to be strong enough to bear the AC load and there have been remote instances of AC fall (thankfully within projections or balconies) as well.
In Paras tierea in Noida for instance, AC mechanics have complained of insufficient strength due to use of UPVC/Aluminium windows.

It is generally believed that age old wooden or iron frames are more apt at holding the ACs and it makes more sense for builders to provide the same.

The national building code (NBC 2005) does talk about sufficient ventilation and projections (Chajja) for air conditioning in residential set ups but stops just short of mandating any provision for the same.

Cognizance of this aspect is required and the more people approach builder with such questions related to minor provisions before buying, more are the possibilities of builder tweaking its specifications to accommodate such otherwise essential provisions.

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