Loading factor for sector 137 Noida projects

One of the significant factor that shall be considered while buying a flat is the Loading. Loading is no standard term and there are different interpretations of this term in real estate. In simple words, it is the ratio of unusable area upon super area. So, if super area is 1000 sq.ft. and usable area is 700 sq.f.t, loading for the flat will be 30%. While few assume covered area as usable area, others use carpet area for calculation purpose.  We have considered carpet area for our calculations.

However, do remember that for an under-construction project, loading may go through a drastic increase as builders try their best to exploit ‘subject to final design’ clause in builder-buyer agreement.

To begin with, below is the Loading factor for sector 137 Noida projects:

We will soon follow this up with calculations for other Noida projects.

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