Density of Sector 137 Noida projects

We have discussed about loading in various sector 137 projects previously in this post.
Today we discuss the density of these projects (number of flats per acre).
More the density, more is the anticipated load on all common facilities and amenities like club, pool, park, play courts etc. and their maintenance.
However, please note that the approximate number of flats per acre for a given project below may have flats of different sizes. e.g. Paras Tierea has more number of studio compared to other projects in 137. So, occupancy per acre may be more or less same in comparison to other projects.

Please note that we do not expect these societies to have more than 70% occupancy till next 5 years. Also, the density can vary at time of possession given the authority’s intent to increase FAR on a regular basis. So, the above shall not be assumed as the final indicator of density.

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