Latest updates on NH24 expansion

NH24 fiasco

NH24 expansion has been in news for years. Reasons are quite obvious. One of the most horrifying congested highway of northern region has for long been a nightmare for business and individual transport users alike. It is hard to believe that a highway of such significance next to Delhi is still just limited to 2 lanes after years of request and protest by residents who are impacted by this mess.

History of promises

The news of NH24 expansion has gathered steam since last General elections in fag end of 2014. After UPA approved a go ahead on expansion of NH24 in Dec, 2014 as a clear means to earn mileage for elections, it was soon followed by BJP in the following year and since. This year specifically, in March 2015, the road transport minister Nitin Gadkari promised expansion of the highway having had a taste of it himself. Later in May 2015, Ghaziabad MLA, VK Singh ensured widening to start in 2 months. 2 Months have already passed by and the progress is nowhere to be seen.

What we do have though is the latest status to clear the air about the status of its expansion.

Latest status

Latest updates on NH24 expansion

On 28th July, 2015,  NHAI has again invited bids for Delhi-Meerut Expressway and 6/8 laning of NH24 for 46 kilometer stretch between Delhi and Hapur Bypass. Last date for submission is 15th September, 2015. This is the second such bid invited since last few months after the last one didn’t invite any bidder.

The bid documents and tender has been hosted at NHAI website at

Those affected are left with no other option but to wait till 15th September 2015. Lets hope for the best.

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