A comparison of Indian Real Estate Websites

They say nothing is static in this world of competition.
So is the case with the deluge of real estate buy, sell and rent websites that have mushroomed over last few years.
99acres, Makaan and Magicbricks used to be the most talked about websites since 6-7 years of their inception. However, new entrants have managed to get a significant chunk of web traffic and rave user reviews.
We list below some of the premium real estate transaction websites that have done well over the last year.

WebsiteRank (Source: Alexa)Remarks
99acres.com124Has the maximum property options.
The Q&A section traffic is also significant
commonfloor.com133More useful for buyer or owner community.
Has limited property options as of now
magicbricks.com136Apparently has most rigorous verification process that makes it an end user's favorite.
Has good Survey repository.
indiaproperty.com143Good quantity and quality of property options. Good user interface and has done very well over last few seasons.
housing.com239Exceptional growth owing to its unique property HD video features.
makaan.com942Was one of the favorite 5 years back. Has seen little progress of late.
Still has decent options.
proptiger.com1681Good User interface makes it a likeable option.
However, being a real estate agency website, there is a definite lack of faith in users.
indiahomes.com1708Has some unique property rating comparison option.
Like Proptiger, being a real estate agency website, lacks good faith.
propertywala.com1750Good website, has seen a loss of ranking during last season.

Undoubtedly, 99acres continues to be the leader since last 4 years at least. However, the unverified database of its user’s contact and type (owner/broker) information does dent its future prospects.
Housing on the other side has seen the maximum growth over last year and with a fresh and innovative look to it, definitely has got the people talking about it. The unique feature of looking up the plot or apartment through high definition videos has also invited admiration.
Based on content however, MagicBricks and Indiaproperty have the best verification process coupled with quality of properties that make them perhaps the best of the rest.
MagicBricks’s surveys and its rental segment is the most widely acclaimed of all. IndiaProperty on the other hand has a very appealing user interface with good quality and quantity of property options that has helped it grow over last few years.

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3 thoughts on “A comparison of Indian Real Estate Websites

  • February 24, 2016 at 11:23 am

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  • February 24, 2016 at 11:22 am

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  • November 2, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Well prepared list of real estate portal in india. But you have to take a look at Local real estate portal as well.

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