A misrepresentation of transparency clause of UP Apartment Act

As per UP Apartment act 2010, builder is supposed to seek buyer’s acceptance before proceeding with any layout changes over and above the originally committed plan according to builder buyer agreement.
Strangely however, instead of the builder notifying the buyers, the Noida authority is seeking buyer’s acceptance (through newspaper notices) in relation to any layout plan change requests submitted by builder. The authority is giving a months time for any objections to be raised in relation to the requested change.

We believe this could well have been a second line of communication with the potentially affected public. However, the first step should be the builder approaching the buyers with the modified plan and later authority verifying with the builder whether the buyers have given their consent or not.

Noida Authority uploads almost all public notices at the following location:


Instance of such public notices in newspapers
Instance of such public notices in newspapers

Buyers of under-construction projects are suggested to visit this URL to see if there are any such notifications pertaining to their project and object if required.

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