Vatika sends letter to customers apparently to disengage their unity

Vatika group has sent email communications to its customers in an obvious attempt to divert customer’s attention from the real issues plaguing them.

The email suggests buyers not to form a group as Vatika believes in engaging with individuals instead.

Here is an excerpt from the email:


Looking at the email, while it is not explicitly put forward, it is apparently an attempt to break customer’s unity and is a clear indication that Vatika doesn’t want people to come together to fight for their common cause.

The buyers though have been smart enough to realize the hidden purpose of the email and have completely rejected the silent proposal.

What do you infer from the communication?

Comments/Feedback invited.


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One thought on “Vatika sends letter to customers apparently to disengage their unity

  • July 20, 2015 at 10:45 am

    Very typical of any builder.
    They never like any group to challenge them.
    It is simple to fool buyers individually forever.
    Amrapali has turned this into Art. They focus on influential, politically connected, linked to Authority people, pamper them so that they do not help individual buyers. They ensure such people do not join Residents Associations to help resolve or say anything against builder.

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