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Greater Noida is considered the only city in India after Chandigarh to meet the highest standards of living. And rightly so, given the vast expanse of open/green area and low rise living. Electricity and water situation is acceptable considering majority of it is an industrial/institutional area. However, such privileges come with a price.

Greater Noida region was initially developed as an extension of industrial area of Noida, aimed at better planning. It was later expanded to a knowledge zone and a number of educational institutions moved to it. While Noida was yet to be developed fully, Greater Noida started expanding more from Industrial/educational institutions perspective. Due to this uncontrolled growth, most of the housing options were occupied by students/bachelors/industry workers living away from their families. The fact that Greater Noida was still far from yet to be completely developed Noida only went to hurt the city further. Families were still not prepared to choose Greater Noida over Noida when distance was more than 25 kilometers. It was a case of a very well planned city  with an untimely development. Due to scarce population, the general perception is crime is also high for the population the city has.

But, things changed for good when Noida came up with the expansion of its boundaries to Noida expressway. Greater Noida was now hardly 10 kilometers from this development later followed by number of residential options just next to it. This instilled hopes in families and since last 5-6 years, there has been reasonable influx to the city. The population increase though very much there is however not as promising as it was planned for. A renewed yet restrained commercial interest goes to confirm this smooth transition. Commercials in MSX mall and to be launched Venice are few examples to quote.

Also, came into picture was a largely ignored side of Greater Noida city now called Greater Noida West. Due to its proximity to Noida east, it is also well known as Noida extension. With around 2 lac flats to be developed in this region, even if 40% of these are end users, by end of 2020, this surely shall be a good sign of population moving in to the city. We shall discuss more about Greater Noida west in our upcoming posts.

However, it is Greater Noida main (near Pari chowk) that will remain green and open always. Once residential options across Noida expressway is fully developed, the Greater Noida city sure shall see a new lease of life where people will see pride in owning a property here in Greater Noida main. This however is expected to take its own sweet time. If you ask us, we shall give it another 5 years to see it grow to that level. Also critical though is the movement of companies and jobs to entire Noida expressway and Greater Noida belt for steady influx.

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