Greater Noida West Review

We have previously discussed about the steady yet slow growth of Greater Noida city. We also briefly discussed about this western side of the city called Greater Noida West or Noida extension.

Initially called Noida extension, it got this name as it was just next to the Hindon river adjoining eastern side of Noida. It came into existence in year 2010 when a number of residential projects got launched in the region.

However, with the upsurge of petitions from farmers leading to some land acquisitions being cancelled by high court, general sentiments around this region nosedived. Work stopped on almost all projects in the region in year 2010 end to 2012. It was then that a ‘Greater Noida West’ was coined as an alternate name for the region. There was however a dramatic twist in year 2012 when court cancelled farmers petitions related to a number of other villages. This was later upheld by Supreme court thereby clearing any uncertainty whatsoever about the region.

Gaur group has been leading the development of the region. Delivered as first residential projects in the region, GC1 and GC2 followed by schools and commercials in Gaur city, spurged the development here. As of today, there are around 2 lakh flats already launched in the region and there is an additional capacity of a lakh. If reports are to be believed, around a 50% of these investors are end users which is good news for the region.

The widening of roads and electricity/water infrastructure development needs to be carried out on a regular basis to help the consistent growth of this region which holds a high potential and hope for end users.

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