A Gurgaon foodie review deleted on Zomato after it goes viral. See why!!!

Pankaj Sharma would have never thought that a restaurant review by him would be in news. 5 Days back, a foodie named Pankaj Sharma gave a review for a Gurgaon restaurant named Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill that did not go too well with the Manager of the hotel. This got coverage in HindustanTimes 4 days thereafter and the unexpected limelight prompted to have the review deleted eventually at Zomato .

Lets see what was the original review by foodie Pankaj Sharma:

Zomato review

Although review by Pankaj might have been construed as partially personal in nature, Management in response to the review went overboard to call the foodie frustrated. Lets see what the manager has to say:

Zomato review

Such negative reviews (once in a while) are quite common for some of the best brands even whether it be a restaurant, a hotel or any other hospitality business. The real test though is the management response to such disappointed customers. And the response in this case was far from acceptable.

The other visitors also gave their two cents about the review and manager response following this.

Ankush writes “Such a response from management, now I know where not to go in Gurgaon”.

There was some patch up between the reviewer and management that followed this duel:

Zomato review

But, this is perhaps not enough to recover the lost customer sentiments. Surely, those who would have seen management response would think twice before making their way to the restaurant.

While the review is eventually deleted at Zomato, you can refer the cached version here:

Review at Zomato that got the media talking



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One thought on “A Gurgaon foodie review deleted on Zomato after it goes viral. See why!!!

  • June 11, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    Without going in detail ,when i first read the response from bar…the first two line will give the clear picture the it is written by a girl…the incrustation ,attitude in selection of words can be of some girl only……and seen in the end it is actually a girl named preet…

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