Super area calculation for flat

Super area is that aspect of current real estate market where a builder can exploit a customer beyond a threshold of tolerance.
Generally, builders tend to sell their flats with approximated super area and then find ways to increase it at the time of possession.
It is hence in best interest of a buyer to understand or estimate the super area based on certain ground rules.

Super area of a flat comprises of
1) its covered area and
2) divided share of common area.

Covered area of a flat can be easily calculated based on floor plan as discussed during our last post.

The shared common area can be classified into:

1) Common facilities area of society,
2) Common facilities area of apartment/tower and
3) Common facilities area of floor.

Common facilities area of society (lets call the total society common area as A1) consists of:

-Club area
-Guard room
-Meter room
-Basement circulation
-Podium circulation
-Children play area
-Play courts like Badminton court, Tennis court etc.
-Swimming pool
-Garden Lawn
-Duct and Pump room
-Panel room

Common facilities area of tower (lets call the total tower common area as A2) consists of :

-Lift at Basement
-Staircase at Basement
-Shaft at Basement
-Circulation at Stilt (FAR)
-Shaft fire stair (Non FAR)
-Machine room
-Over head tank

Common facilities area of floor (lets call the total floor common area as A3) consists of:

-Circulation (FAR)
-Non FAR(Shaft, lift and fire stair)

You may need help of an architect to come up with the exact figures for the above (A1, A2 and A3).

Total shared common area per flat = A1/Total No. of flats in society + A2/Total No. of flats in tower + A3/Total No. of flats in floor

Add covered area of your flat to Total shared common area per flat calculated above and you should get the final super area for your flat.

As per UP Apartment act 2010, a builder is supposed to furnish form A (to the authority) that contains the above details along with almost every details pertaining to the society in question. If you can get hold of the same, you can be sure of the figures submitted for the shared common area.

Please feel free to add or let us know in case you have any queries.


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