Measuring open space in an under-construction project

With the advent of GIS (Geographic Information system), it has become extremely easy for people to visualize their would be society. While builder may not be very transparent or honest in sharing the stats like green space, central park space etc., the same can be easily accessed through widely used tools like wikimapia.
To find out the gap between any two concrete objects like gap between two towers, distance from main gate, central park space, you can visit and search for your location of interest from top right corner search bar (or manually navigate to the location).
After that, zoom into your project and tower of interest using ‘+’ symbol.
Then, Click on ‘Distance measure’ symbol below the zoom feature.
Thereafter, Select From point (SAY TOWER 1) and To point (SAY TOWER 2) between which distance is required.
The distance would be displayed on the right side palette.

Happy analyzing!!!

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