How much discount can I get while buying an under-construction flat?

While the experienced few won’t vouch for buying an under-construction flat in its early launch phase, its a no-brainer
that many of us enter into such a transaction due to capital constraints or sometimes driven by quick return motives.

What transpires next is an ordeal of finding the right property and the right channel partner/broker to eventually book maximum discounts on the chosen property.

We did a research among big builders in NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.
As a survey criterion, we selected 1 big builder and 1 big broker agency, 2 medium size builder and 2 medium broker agency
and 2 new entrants (builder and broker) in the field each from Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore.

The results were interesting. The chart displays maximum discounts offered by builder/broker from different realty hotspots:

Noida discounts

Gurgaon discounts

Mumbai discounts

Bangalore discounts
Builders in NCR offer direct discount ranging from 3% to 8% in order of their experience.
When booked through broker, on anticipation of mass booking, this discount ranges from 3% to 9%. Generally, big/small time brokers offer average discount while medium level brokers offer the best cut of all.
In Bangalore, discounts are marginally less. A good builder however is not giving more than 2% discount.
In Mumbai, the discounts are not encouraging and range between 1% to 5%.

In all likelihood, you should end up getting a good discount on your bookings if you book during the season owing to a stagnant industry.
In NCR for instance, you should try to reach the aforementioned discount threshold (depending upon builder profile) before finalizing any deal.

Hope the above helps in setting a benchmark for your search.

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