Documents required for consumer complaint filing against builder

We have discussed about the consumer case option at length in our previous posts.
Today we discuss the documents required for consumer case filing.

Documents required for consumer case filing

Following is the exhaustive list of documents required for consumer complaint filing against builder:

a) Agreement executed between the builder and complainant:
This could be your BBA or any other supplementary agreement (like in case of resale transaction).

b) Brochures issued by company:
Depicting difference in what was promised and what has been delivered.

c) Payment proofs with dates and amounts:
All demand notice and payment receipts.

d) Co-relation of payments with the structure plan:
Your receipt shall show which installment is that payment/installment meant for.

e) Bank statements reflecting payment of EMI:
In case you have taken home loan or any other form of loan for your home, the same shall be required.

f) Bank letter granting Home loan along with the interest rate:
Home loan papers are required.

g) Qualification of the Complainant:
Some brief of the complainant in a single page.

h) Site plan showing what the company will provide:
This would be part of your BBA.

i) Photographs of the site showing what has been provided / completed till date:
Take a photo of site along with today’s newspaper to prove its not an older picture.

j) Various correspondence exchanged between the parties, whether individually or through RWA:
Emails, posts photo copy and courier/registry receipts.

k) Representations made to authorities either individually/through RWA:
Any representations made to development authority, police or any other concerned authority.

l) Rent agreement:
If you are living on rent, rent agreement is required for seeking damages.

m) Bank statement of the company showing syphoning off of customer’s money:
If you can manage the details of bank statement of company, share the same. Else, you can always ask the court to have this verified.

Any other document(s) which may be available and relevant to the consumer complaint matter.

Comments/Feedback invited.

Last updated: June 22, 2015 at 20:49 pm

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