More than 2 Dozen thefts this year. Whats really wrong with Gaur city?

Gaur city has been witness to another round of multi-flat robbery this year. Around 30 flats have reported thefts in the society this year. This time however it was most of the under-construction flats that were targeted. With a view to ascertain whats wrong, we visited and talked to few of the residents of the society.

Having reviewed security at some of the other places in Noida/Greater Noida, the security level seems decent at avenues with decent occupation. Residents claim that security of delivered towers has been reasonably improved since the first multi-flat theft in January. All non-residents are screened at main and tower gates.
The under-construction region that were relatively porous to start with, have been barricaded in a better way now.

However, few residents complained that their request for cameras on each floor have not been entertained.
Its a different story that security cameras on each floor may not sound feasible, since monitoring so many camera would itself be a daunting task for guards posted at the tower.
Some residents pointed out to the fact that there are multiple security agencies for different avenues that could sometimes become an excuse for blame game, however since the avenues are well isolated through boundary walls, this may not be a matter of immediate concern.
Other than these, the residents are fairly satisfied with the security but warn the promoter against any complacency.

The theft this time was limited to under-construction towers, some of which were in fit out stage where the same yardstick for security does not apply. It is understandably an act of insider which stresses on the importance of police verification of labors working at these societies.

Overall, we feel that unlike the image portrayed, the security is decent for avenues that have all towers delivered. The residents have been able to push the builder to improve on certain security aspects but need to keep doing so to prevent any complacency from setting in. For under-construction towers however, promoter needs to ensure proper police verification of labors operating there from contractors/would be residents who are employing them.

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