A revenue department source clarifies hike in stamp duty would be 1% to 2% and not flat 2%

Taking a leaf from central government rolling back hike in EPF proposal, buyers in twin city of Noida and Greater Noida are on a mission to get stamp duty hike rolled back. From online petitions to written objections and media prints, buyers are leaving no stone unturned to help save their hard earned money. In the tryst, political figures have also jumped into the fray.

Last week, UP Cabinet approved 2% hike in stamp duty to bring it at par with other districts in the state. However, what was perhaps completely ignored by the government was the fact that unlike other districts, property is sold as leasehold only in Noida/Greater Noida.

A reliable source in revenue department meanwhile confirmed to us that the stamp duty hike would be from 1% to 2% depending upon the allottee. For registration on name of women alone, 1% hike would be applicable. For joint allottees, hike would be 1.5% and for male registration, it would be a 2% hike.

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