Latest survey of Delhi NCR schools by ELETS

In our conscious attempt to keep parents aware of the best of the schools in the region, we have been sharing our own extensive surveys along with surveys from premium agencies. On the same lines, we are sharing today one of the latest surveys by ELETS magazine for schools in Delhi NCR region.

ELETS has done surveys of all schools in India but for the sake of this article, we are limiting the scope to Delhi NCR schools. The survey involved participation from around 80% schools in the region. The survey classifies schools from different perspectives like Career advancement, Academic set up, Futuristic infrastructure, Learning experience, General reputation and Online presence.

Please follow the links given below against each district to check the outcome of survey. Click and expand the image to view high resolution image.





Central Delhi

North Delhi

West Delhi

East Delhi-

We do find some of the rankings off target and some better schools seem to be missing but this may help parents gauge a general feedback of the listed schools.

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