Deriving super area of flat or floor from Form A

We have previously discussed about the concept of super area and how it can be calculated with the help of an architect.
Here we discuss the process of derivation of super area from Form A in detail (Form A is the declaration mandate that builder has to submit to authority as per UP Apartment act).

Post 2014 mid, builders are being asked to religiously submit Form A as part of UP Apartment act’s enforcement.
While builders may be demanding for a particular super area from buyers, they might be declaring a relatively lesser total area per unit to the authority to save permissible FAR.
Hence, although builders may be playing all kind of games to hide actual super area from the buyers but Form A holds the key to prove the builder wrong.

Getting hold of Form A from Authority or builder is hence significant and that is one of the foremost reason why builders show resistance sharing the copy.
Once you have the same, finding declared super area is not a big deal.

There are two pages in Form A that can help calculate the submitted/declared super area by the builder:

One has the tower wise flat covered area that includes FAR, Cupboard and Balcony area (given under Annexure B-Details of Apartments).


Another is the Exhibit page which has tower wise flat’s share in common facilities on the floor, tower and whole society (given under Annexure C-Details of Covered area of common area and facilities)


Please note all figures are in square meter.

One just need to sum these up: Flat’s share in common facilities on floor (refer highlighted in blue in exhibit-A), Flat’s share in common facilities in tower(refer highlighted in green in exhibit-A), Flat’s share in common facilities in the whole society/scheme (refer highlighted in red in exhibit-A) and Covered Area of Flat in question (Sum up FAR, CB and Balcony area from Tower wise Flat common area calculation page).

So, say we want to calculate super area for Flat # X-003 in tower X, the same would be:

61.478 (FAR) + 1.78 (CB) + 3.38 (Balcony) + 12.117 (Unit share in a Floor-Exhibit) + 0.808 (Unit share in a Tower-Exhibit) + 13.245 (Unit share in a Society/Scheme-Exhibit)

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Last updated: May 11, 2015 at 15:50 pm

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How to get form A

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