CBSE 2021 Results analysis for Noida extension schools

30% of the established Schools in Noida extension went to CBSE board examination this year. However, the results this year were based on the performance at school internal assessment and previous board results. Schools that had already gone for board exams were judged basis of average score last year. So, schools going for exams for the first time had a better chance of scoring well. The scores were vetted under a committee vigilance. Here is just a short CBSE 2021 Results analysis for Noida extension schools.

While less than 10 schools in Noida extension went to CBSE X board exams, a couple of schools went to CBSE XII board exams as well, prominent among them being DWPS and Gaurs International school. DWPS (third board appearance) and Sarvottam (first board exam) have the best average percentage in the region of 87% and approx. 87% respectively for class X, DWPS has a whooping 89.8% average score for class XII. Gagan has the highest individual score of 99.6%.

Other than the above schools that themselves went to board exams, there were schools whose parent schools also went to board exams like Pacific world school and LVIS. Pacific world school’s parent school DPS Indirapuram had a whooping average score of 89.9% for class X while LVIS Noida had a great average score of 89.2%. DPS Greater Noida had an average score of 87.35% while St Xavier’s parent school in Gurgaon had got an average score of approximately 86% for class X.


Average score of 89.8% in class XII (first XII exam)

Average score of 87% in class X

Highest marks = 95.8% in X and 98.25% in XII

Sarvottam (first board exam)

Highest score=98.8%

Average score~88% in class X

Gagan Public school

Highest marks = 99.6%, Average ~80%

Gaurs International School

Class XII results – Highest score 96.6%, Average ~ 81% (first XII exam)

Class X results – Unknown

Ryan International School

Highest marks = 96.4%, Average Unknown

Aster Public School

Highest marks = 99.2%, Average =80.75%


Bloom International school also went to the board examinations but results for the same are unknown currently. Clearly, DWPS and Sarvottam led the rest of the schools in average score while parent school of Pacific world school led other schools, closely followed by LVIS.


This concludes our CBSE 2021 Results analysis for Noida extension schools. In case, you want to refer to last year’s results, please visit



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3 thoughts on “CBSE 2021 Results analysis for Noida extension schools

  • September 29, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    thanks again for consolidating. looks like dwps is doing well in senior classes

  • August 25, 2021 at 1:46 am

    Thanks for this good information. I am looking for admission to class 6th and confused between pacific, dwps and lvis. Please suggest. I like Pacific considering its reviews I got from other parents and it’s decent fees. But dwps also has done well academically and my kid is to be admitted to secondary.

  • August 25, 2021 at 1:44 am

    Dwps has scored big again

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