Should I get school admission for the child this year in 2021?

Its a tricky situation for every parent looking for school admission for their child. This 2021-2022 session, like last year, is expected to be completely online. Given the second wave, government and authorities are likely to be more careful going forward with offline classes. In such a situation, parents are naturally perplexed with the question that should they get school admission for the child this year in 2021? We talked to multiple parents and teachers on the issue and feel this dilemma can be easily solved with few pointers given in this article.

These questions could help parents arrive to a conclusion:

  1. Which location/school are you looking at? Its important to know if parents have a specific school in mind. If its a school with lot of competition like Shriram schools, Shiv nadar and the likes, it would make sense to go for admission. In fact, with lot of parents in dilemma, the competition might actually be less this year. Hence, proving to be a good chance to get the kid admitted.
  2. Are you looking for pre-nursery/nursery admission for your kid? If you are looking to get your child admitted to pre-nursery or nursery and the school does not have fierce competition, you can wait.
  3. Are you looking for admission to class IX onwards? If you are looking at a senior class admission and are getting transferred or not happy with child’s current school for senior class, you shall go ahead with a better school admission.
  4. Can you afford a year? If child is studying in a pre-primary/primary/early secondary class (and do not have a higher competition school in mind), you can definitely wait for a year. But in this case, if this is not a pre-primary class for which you are seeking admission, you should know of a school which can provide a transfer certificate, to be submitted to school next year.

If you can answer the above questions with ample clarity, you can as well make an informed decision for your kid already to the dilemma about getting school admission for the child this year in 2021? Read more about what’s new this session.

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