Schools sending SOS in midst of alarming situation in the country

The effect of pandemic is very much visible on schools as well. Schools in Delhi NCR last week were so stressed with the ongoing pandemic that they started sending SOS to parents to help them in whatever way they can.

There were schools that sent SOS in form of SMS to parents highlighting the impact of ongoing pandemic on teachers and staff as well. The schools sought help from parents community as much as to even request parents to volunteer to teach subjects in this emergency where the staff or their family members are getting affected by the pandemic wave. Schools are also requesting parents to pay the fees on time so that teachers are paid on time to enable them to take care of their family. One of the SMS from a premier school in Delhi NCR sent out an SMS that was nothing short of SOS from school – ”As the second wave has hit with a new intensity, I request everyone to be careful and stay home and stay safe. Many of our shikshaks (teachers) and their families are also impacted by the virus. In current scenario with many teachers needing to take leave, we may not be able to give a substitution always. Work for the children will be uploaded on portal and they will be informed in case any class is cancelled on a particular day. We request your support as we all pray for difficult time to pass”. The school further requested for parent volunteers for the elementary classes to teach or support the main teacher.

Most schools in Delhi NCR have already started summer vacations from 1st May and some are planning to do that soon. Meanwhile, parents continue to object to fees being charged given that no offline classes are taking place now. More details on a related judgment to follow in our next post…



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