How to find the right school for your child?

For a parent, finding the right school for the child is a challenge. This is especially a difficult time for first time parents. The more parents seek information from people around them, the more confusing it gets for them. The parents have to deal with competition with other parents, they have to consider their affordability, the distance from home and many other personal and generic factors before arriving to any conclusion. To help you out of this challenging task, Given below are some golden tips that are likely to help the parents find the right school for your child:


Decide your priorities

Decide what do you expect from the school? Which of these categories do you expect school to be definitely good at – Academics / Individual attention to Child / Safety/Security / Co-curricular activities / Sports and extra-curricular activities / Infrastructure.

It is generally advisable you have at least 3 of the parameters essentially defined for your school search. You can refer Go4Reviews parameter wise ranking of most of the schools in Delhi NCR to come up with list of schools you would want to consider based on your priorities.


Eliminate schools

Follow rules of elimination. Eliminate schools which are not transparent. As per most of state laws, schools are now supposed to display their fee structure on the website. However, in states like UP, 20% of schools are still not doing that and for states like Haryana, this percentage is even more. Such schools are unlikely to remain transparent and hence shall be eliminated from your list, unless you are the one not caring much about transparency/approachability.


Research before you visit

Just don’t start visiting the schools one after another. Do proper pre-research before you actually visit the schools. It not only helps reduce the number of schools you need to physically visit but also prepares you for what you need to check when you visit the schools.

As part of school research, always prefer talking to parents whose wards are at a school for at least more than a year (since parents of children generally have a good feedback during first year of schooling).

Secondly, online education websites have plethora of information. However, many of which might be false/biased. Hence, its important to know how to identify the right information. While looking up the reviews website, always look at reviews which are constructive and mixed in nature. Reviews that are highly superlative are generally biased. At Go4Reviews, we have an automated filtering of reviews based on sentiment score/traffic score combined with random manual filtering.

Based on your priorities and research, arrive to maximum of 5 schools to visit physically.


Visit physically

When you visit the schools physically, try to follow some basic checks. Talk to admission counsellor and request to talk to the principal/teachers. Also, ask them for round of school and classrooms. The more open and generous they are, the more likely they would be approachable in future. Also, try to physically verify the safety and security standards at school. Refer our school safety guidelines for what to check when at school.


Consider constraints

After visiting physically, you should be able to drill down to at least 3 among 5 schools that you visited. Now, consider your personal constraints like affordability and distance from home and basis of that, arrive at a final decision.


Good luck with your school search parents!!!



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  • February 27, 2021 at 11:24 am

    Useful pointer. Can you also share cheat sheet of how to choose a board.

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    Useful info. Looking for a good academics school in noida expressway area

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