How schools are preparing for teaching amid lockdown…Chapter 1

Its tough time for school education. Left with no option, schools have been imparting education through online classes but challenges remain. Many parents have reported dissatisfaction about the online form of schooling. They also feel that a substantial amount of their own time goes into helping children, especially young ones, to undergo online classes. Again, they feel that children are anyways missing out on school infrastructure, which is another factor of having chosen a particular school. Governments have directed schools not to hike fee but then no waivers have been offered by any established schools in the region so far. So what is the ideal scenario here?

We discussed before that it may not be entirely possible for schools to offer substantial fee waivers as 80% of their liabilities remain. They also are additionally spending on cloud applications and space to impart online education. But still, there are lot of options available with the school to release parents of some of their concerns.

We reached out to schools in the region to understand how they are facing this unprecedented challenge. Only few responses have been received so far, but some of them are encouraging indeed. Delhi world public school (DWPS) Noida extension, for one, seems to be finding innovative ways to beat the lockdown blues. Even during the lull lockdown period, school has been investing on recruiting experienced staff for itself. It has hired a senior faculty for its senior secondary, fittingly being touted as one of the most academically strong school in the region. The school has also decided to make its new outdoor facility available to students on weekends this session, once lockdown is over. Furthermore, the school is also offering tailor made training to its teachers for online schooling to match with experiential learning. Here, we would like to add that the training aspect towards online classes is going to be a key differentiating factor. Most schools are doing system training for teachers but only a handful are investing on methodological training.

Delhi world Public school has further complied with the regulatory direction with respect to fees:

● Fee hike has been rolled back.
● Parents have been exempted from paying the Transport fee.
● All late fee charges have been waived off.
● Payment is being received monthly as opposed to quarterly.

While we await more inputs from other schools, few other schools in the region like Pacific world school, Infinity school are also working towards similar objective. We will keep adding to this article as we hear further from schools.

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