Does it make sense to take School admissions in July 2020 amid lockdown?

It is now amply clear that school and college education would be the last ones to open in the country once lockdown is over. As part of this year’s session 2020-2021, schools so far have imparted education through online classes. This may not be an ideal scenario for many parents. Many parents have reported dissatisfaction about the online form of schooling. They also feel that a substantial amount of their own time goes into helping children, especially young ones, to undergo online classes. Again, they feel that children are anyways missing out on school infrastructure, which is another factor of having chosen a particular school. While the year on year fee hikes are on hold this year, established schools haven’t offered any waiver on fees. Also, it is not clear if schools will reopen from July. In such a scenario, should parents still take admissions for their ward for July 2020 onwards (many parents reportedly postpone admissions to July to save on fees for a quarter April to June which is only half utilized)? We look at the scenarios under which parents shall take school admissions in July 2020.

Following are the key factors that a parent shall take into consideration before deciding whether to admit the child this session or not:

  • Is it a popular school where taking admissions is otherwise difficult? If this is the case, you should seriously ponder upon taking admissions.
  • Is it a pre-primary class where you are looking to admit the kid? There is a possibility of online form of schooling being extended beyond June. Online schooling may not be apt for young kids.
  • Can you afford to wait for a year? If you are admitting the child to initial class like pre-primary and can wait for a year, give it a thought taking above 2 points also into consideration.
  • Is school promising revision of all concepts taught during April to May/June? This will most likely happen since existing parents are keenly after schools to do so.
  • Schools shall be charging Tuition fees alone (that too equivalent to existing students)?
  • What are different offerings from the school? Like are they going to allow additional exposure to kids to its infrastructure? Are they going to have additional classes etc?

Consider the above factors before you decide to take admissions for your child for this session?


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