Schools need to do this if they cant offer discounts due to lockdown

The show must go on. Schools have been doing exactly that by resorting to online classes since the beginning of this session, which is plagued by lockdown. While this may not be the ideal scenario, nowhere close to classroom training, it still is the only option left with the schools. Schools still need to pay the staff. Schools need to additionally spend on cloud space and app. However, schools do save on site infrastructure and facilities. Furthermore, the children don’t exactly get the same value as classroom teaching. So what can schools do in order to compensate for this loss for the parents? What do Schools need to do if they cant offer discounts due to lockdown?

While reduction of fees may not be on cards, we feel schools should carry out one or more of the below changes to help bridge the void created due to missing classroom education:

  • Run additional classes/revisions once lockdown is over.
  • Offer discounts to parents who want admissions from July.
  • Allow infra use for additional days (on weekends) after lockdown is over.
  • Conduct training session to teachers to not only do system training but also ensuring online classes are as close as possible to classroom teaching.
  • Conduct more classes than what you would normally do in  pre-summer holiday period i.e. May/June month.
  • Pre-primary class children, who cant really (whole heartedly) be part of online schooling, should either be offered some fee waivers (additional classes once lockdown is over, may not be feasible for such young kids).

Can you think of anything else that would add value and help bridge the gap? Feel free to write to us or comment below.


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