Documents required for registry in Noida and Greater Noida

Once OC/CC is received for a project, the property owners would typically become liable for executing registry for the property. Once Noida Authority provides a go ahead to the builder on the basis of land cost and lease rent paid by builder, the process of registry officially begins. Typically, the builder will convey the lawyer name to the owners. The owners can reach the lawyer to understand the list of documents, process and cost involved. We bring below the Documents required for registry in Noida and Greater Noida along with cost and process involved.

Documents required for registry in Noida and Greater Noida:

1. Copy of Zero ledger/No dues certificate by the Builder  (Self Attested)
2. Copy of BBA/Allotment Letter  (Self Attested)
3. Copy of offer of Possession/Possession letter  (Self Attested)
4. Loan sanction letter (may be required if you have taken home loan).
5. Bank NOC (if home loan is taken) mentioning No objection on handing over of Possession and Registry
6. Copy of ID proof and PAN card of each applicant (Self Attested)
7. Copy of Address proof – Aadhaar card/Passport preferred  (Self Attested)
8. Photograph and signatures to be attested by Bank (this can be had from saving bank or loan bank of applicant)
9. 4/5 additional Photographs of each applicant

Expenses involved:

1. Stamp duty- Refer or uty-calculator-greater-noida-2018/ for calculations for your flat
2. Sub registrar fee -Rs. 20,100/- to 22,000/-
3. Processing fee- Rs. 1,000/-
4. Professional Lawyer fee -Rs.10,000/- to 25,000/- depending upon the lawyer on-boarded by the builder
5. Miscellaneous expenses : Rs. 500/-


Process involved:

1. Builder will inform owners of initiation of registry and generally provide them 3 months to complete it.
2. Builder will provide lawyer details to the owners. Owners need to connect with lawyer to understand the complete process.
3. Lawyer will calculate the stamp duty charges and ask owners  to buy the same  or alternatively, lawyer can buy on behalf of owners.
4. Lawyer will make a group of 15-25 owners and will forward file to authority for registration.
5. Authority registration charges of about 20,100 to 22,000 needs to be paid to authority (in cash) at this point. Slip will be provided to the owner.
6. Lawyer will convey date and time of registration.
7. Registration process where owners will sign the documents will be conducted on the said date in front of registrar.


How to buy stamp duty paper:

Stamps are issued by ‘Stock Holding corporation of India Ltd’. The office of SHCIL is at the following location in Noida.

SECTOR 18, NOIDA – 201 301
0120- 4217078/77/33

The e-stamp can be bought from this location by paying cash or by draft or cheque or by RTGS. Please call the numbers above to get details of bank account. Alternatively, your lawyer will inform you about the same at the time of buying stamp duty paper.


Hope the above discussion on Documents required for registry in Noida and Greater Noida  and the process involved helps.



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