How to choose the best school for your kid

Choosing the best school for your kid is not easy. But there are few things, which if followed in order, can make it relatively convenient and straightforward for you.

First and foremost, decide your personal priorities with respect to Proximity, Fees and Board.

Then decide the teaching parameters that are of key importance to you – Academics, Individual attention, Safety/Security, Co-curricular/Extra-curricular exposure.

Then have a discussion with parents (whose children are already going to school) whom you know personally.

Since you can never get a holistic view by talking to couple of parents, it becomes essential to refer to online discussions and surveys. But don’t go by them blindly. You have to be smart enough to know whats fabricated and whats not. In general, our experience has been that a genuine parent who has been reasonably (time wise) associated with any school would have had mixed feelings. And hence completely positive review is unreasonable. You generally get highly positive vibes only from new parents. Similarly, a completely negative review could be from a competitor. Few more points that will help you judge the truth of reviews:

  1. Websites that mandate registration for posting comments are never likely to have a balanced view. Only two types of reviewers are likely to register and comment at such websites- Those who are completely irritated with the school or those who are there for promoting the school.
  2. Google reviews can help you ascertain the positives and negatives of a school. Don’t go through all reviews though. Filter by most recent, highest rating and lowest rating to get a balanced view.
  3. Refer to websites that do board result analysis and have their independent survey based on a transparent survey mechanism.

Go4Reviews has been involved in independent survey since last 4 years. Go4Reviews performs surveys in first quarter of every year. Many point out why we conduct that at a time when parents are already through with the admission. We do want to make it amply clear that we do not intend to favor a school. Hence, timings really don’t matter to us. First quarter are lean period for surveyors and hence we end up paying less to surveyors. Secondly, by end of a session, new parents are in a better shape to share the reviews. Thirdly, we can also cover schools that have just taken off. We have been involved in consumer awareness programs and articulation before and this post is for parents to filter out what makes sense and what does not in this tricky world of school business. 

Below is our (Go4reviews) list of best schools. We do not really mean to pass a statement here that these are best schools necessarily in this order. Instead, its best for parents to sort the ratings basis of parameters of key significance to them. Do refer to the basis of these rankings and the fact that we give opportunities to each entity – schools, parents, teachers and the social network, to have their say. 

Best schools of Gurgaon:

Best schools of Noida:

Best schools of Greater Noida:

Best schools of Noida extension:

Best schools of Ghaziabad:

Best schools of Faridabad:

The inputs to our rankings are –
School Survey form(35%)- filled and submitted by schools. If a school does not fill the form, Parents feedback (second criteria mentioned below) is considered instead. We do update our rankings once a quarter basis of school submitting survey form mid-year.
Parents feedback(45%)-Again we have a carefully choosen data set that varies based on association (time wise) with school and gender.
Teacher survey form(10%)-Invited during March/April this year for anonymous feedback
Social network(10%)-Our state of the art social analytics software helps find out sentiments for a school and classifies it as positive, negative or neutral.
Physical survey – Conducted for some schools in first quarter for every year. Generally done in cases where schools respond to our call for physical surveys.


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  • October 9, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    Good suggestions on parameters and priorities

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