Theft in a gated society? Consumer court to your rescue

As per a recent survey done by Go4Reviews in Gurgaon and Noida with the help of inputs from Police department, year 2015 was an eventful year for thieves in gated societies. Around 15 gated societies in Noida/Greater Noida and 20 gated societies in Gurgaon saw multi-house thefts through last year. The proportion of household thefts in gated societies was almost two times of independent houses, a sparkling contrast to the general belief that gated societies are a safe haven. The news of theft is a painful pill to digest but residents from gated society have a unique redressal mechanism in their repertoire. Unfortunately, not many are not aware that consumer court could be a big relief in such circumstances. The dismal number of such consumer cases are a clear reflection of ignorance on part of consumer.

Since an owner pays for the security services in form of maintenance charges, they are liable to get good service. Hence, resident of gated society can reach consumer court in case of theft in his/her house provided its not for individual’s own negligence. If it is proved that the builder or builder employed security agency was negligent on its part, the resident holds a very good chance of getting compensated from the consumer forum.

In all such cases executed so far, judgments are made by district/state court themselves depending upon the nature of theft. The judgments are quick and are generally less countered. It generally boils down to who will pay the compensation: builder or builder employed security agency. The payments to this effect are also immediate considering the trauma such cases bring to the owner.

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