Paras Seasons Noida Review

With a rare to find duplex lofts concept, this certainly was expected to be a dark horse project of NCR but for the last  2 years, the project has seen a definite reduction in interest. Coupled with the congested site plan and sudden decline in speed of work, things are no longer merry with the project.

Lets discuss the Pros and the Cons:


1) Unique concept of lofts has found many a takers. The duplex lofts provide perfect privacy within the flat.

2) The builder can be expected to offer penalty to its buyers if we go by its pro-customer approach wrt Paras Tierea project.

3) Location is excellent from rental perspective.


1) Congested layout. Surrounded by 3c Zing, Arista and Nimbus Palm from 3 sides, this definitely is not the go to location for a claustraphobic person.

2) Opposite drain. Drain is hardly 150 meters away from the plot and could be a dampener for its resale prospects.

3) Quality issues expected. Going by quality in Paras tierea, issues related to seepage may very well be seen here too. But, that’s too early to comment on as of now.

4) Speed of construction has slowed down drastically. 2 Years back, it appeared to be the one to be completed before few in sector 137 as well but the progress could not be sustained through last year and beginning of this year.

Our take:

Rental meter: 8/10

Investment – Short Term meter (Resale Potential): 7/10

Investment – Long Term meter (Resale Potential): 6/10

End use meter: 6/10


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