Builders not doing enough to ensure security of recently delivered societies

As per Gurgaon police records, thefts in private societies have grown manifold in last couple of years to the extent that majority of the thefts reported this year were from gated societies.

Similar trend is seen in Noida and Greater Noida societies as well especially the ones that have been recently delivered. Most of the reported thefts are found to have an insider’s hand as the entry to flats have been a sweat-less venture for the thieves.

Recent thefts in Prateek wisteria and Paras Tierea societies have only gone on to vindicate this theory. Two flats in Prateek Wisteria society were burgled yesterday in day light while the occupants were away for work. The flats were located on 7th and 8th floor. This incident happened even while residents have been pressing the promoter to augment security measures since another theft that took place in May, 2015.

Very recently, a day light robbery took place in Paras Tierea sector 137 project as well.

In March, 2015, an 8th floor flat in Supertech capetown sector 74 was breached through balcony window.

JM Orchid in sector 76 and 3C Lotus panache in sector 110 in September, 2014 had also reported multiple theft incidences.

In Greater Noida, in February 2015, Omaxe palm greens society also reported thefts inside flats.

The idea of living in a secured social surrounding is what is ironically haunting back the residents now. The reasons attributed to this is the highly dense societies where keeping track of support and  maintenance staff along with  maids and servants is getting out of bounds for the inexperienced security groups hired by builders these days. Builders are charging heavy maintenance charges to the tune of 2 psf to 2.5 psf but proper lighting, sufficient security staff and automated surveillance tools is still a distant dream for residents demanding the same since long.

What could possibly be done:

  1. Flood lights at corners of society.
  2. Barbing of boundary walls.
  3. Security cams at entry/exit of basement, main gate and tower entrance.
  4. Regular monitoring of security cam feeds.
  5. Experienced security group with proven track record.
  6. 2+2 guards at main gate entrance/exit, 1 guard at each entry/exit to basement, 1 guard at each tower basement keeping an eye on vehicles, 2 guards per tower – One for visitor/staff tracking and another for constant surveillance. 2 Guards around club and as many in common/open area for taking rounds.
  7. No entry/exit outside compound without card or sticker even for regular maintenance/security staff.
  8. All baggage of non-residents to be checked before entry/exit.

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