The worst of all, life endangering issues with private societies

The recent news of a portion of ceiling falling in Supertech’s crossing republik society has got many talking. However, this is not for the first time this has happened. In fact, there are many residents of these big private societies who get so accustomed to such nuisances even after repeatedly following up with maintenance services that they end up accepting it as their bad luck.

While issues of seepage and drainage are common, there are issues that need immediate attention of authorities for their life endangering nature:

  1. Ceiling fall and plaster pile of: First reported in public for JM Orchid, people are coming forward to quoting more similar experiences with other builder projects.11667519_857442584351653_8225095827317138013_n
  2. Electricity shocks: 2 Year back, an incident in Prateek builder’s society in Noida brought grief to a family when their ill fate met with an electrocution accident.
  3. Balcony fall: Balconies that have parallel to floor railings provide easy opportunity for children to climb leading to the worst possible scenarios. In an infamous incident in Gurgaon, an entire balcony had gone down from a 7th floor flat.
  4. Open/unsafe areas in corridor: Almost 3 years back, a child’s sad demise in ATS society in greater noida due to an unattended open zone in corridor shook buyer’s faith in even the best of the rest.
  5. Lift conditions:  Repeated incidents of lift falls even with best of the systems have invited buyers in Ghaziabad to seek High court’s intervention to specify Lift rules in the state.
  6. Fire safety measures: In case of limited impact fires, the builder fire safety measures have failed to trigger off due to lack of testing and general ignorance among disaster recovery staff.
  7. Health hazards: This year, dengue has been rampant in private builder societies courtesy the lacklustre attitude of maintenance services that lead to never ending water collection. Wonder why the same authority that fines independent house residents for minor violations, visits these societies and fine them.

Such issues are not limited to flats and are also seen in Villas built by private builders. We hope higher authorities take the much elusive step to bring the guilty to task.

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