Total cost calculator for your group housing flat or floor

Its time we consolidate all helpful information at one place to help you arrive at the total cost of a flat or floor even before you buy your property. This is not only expected to help you plan your finances better but also help compare the burden of buying a property at one place vis-a-vis another.

Total cost of a property can be broken into following components

1) Basic sale price

2) Extra charges conveyed to you at time of booking

3) Service tax in case of under-construction flat

4) Transfer charges in case of resale flat

5) Extra charges (hidden charges like labour cess, VAT etc.) which is never told to you before possession.

6) Stamp duty and registration/legal charges.

The below calculator is intended at helping people buying especially in NCR to come up with total anticipated cost of the flat. While there is every attempt to keep this close to actuals, there might be an offset on few components that may vary from location to location and project to project. Hence, you can safely assume a +-50k over the figures arrived at here:

Please note that ‘Total Extra charges as told at time of booking’ field need to be calculated and supplied in rupees instead of per sq ft.

Reference 1.a)

Stamp duty calculator for Noida
Stamp duty calculator for Greater Noida
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Stamp duty calculator for Faridabad

Reference 1.b)

Service Tax calculator for under construction property

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    How to calculate transfer charges TM for greater noida gaur city 2… Plz help..

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