Stamp duty and registry charges for plots in Yamuna expressway

One grey area for people buying in Yamuna expressway is the stamp duty they are due to pay at time of possession.
Effective circle rate in Yamuna expressway boundaries is 13,500 per sq.m. for residential plots. For sector 25 in YEW, it is 17,000 per sq.m.

Please use our calculator below to find the exact duty for your residential plot. Just provide the ongoing circle rate (
as stated above, effective August 2014, it is 17,000 psm for sector 25 and 13,500 psm for the rest) and different stamp duty/registry components will be auto-
calculated and shown on the screen.

Please note that for plots by builder, stamp duty may vary as the higher of BSP or circle rate will be applicable then.

We will soon follow this up with stamp duty of GH flats/floors situated in Yamuna expressway.
Comments/Feedback invited.

Disclaimer: The circle rates for YEW sectors for plots are mentioned based on the assumption that it is same as circle rates for  ‘Akrashak‘ land in different sectors of YEW.


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