A PIL that generated hope for regulated lift functioning in UP apartments

This for sure is going to bring some hope to the many who stay in high rises and depend upon lifts for their movement to and from higher floors.

Amidst growing cases of irregularities and non-functioning of lifts, a PIL filed at Allahabad High court by Mr. Alok Kumar, President of Federation of AOA in Ghaziabad citing the number of lift related accidents that have occurred of late in high rises in apartments in Uttar Pradesh, has got the State authorities working.

The High court has directed Principal secretary for department of housing and Urban development of State to file a counter affidavit with laws governing lifts installation in High rises in the state along with the steps taken by state to ensure safety of lift users accordingly.

The matter has helped bring the poor state of lifts (that is the only medium for the transportation of people to higher floor), in high rises of the State, to light.
Ideally, National building code (NBC 2005) governs the measures that shall be followed during lift installation in apartments over 15 meter in height. However, it is generally found that the rules are generously flouted in the region.
The PIL seeks formulation of byelaws taking cognizance of NBC 2005 to ensure right to safety for lift users.

The next hearing is slated for 5th August, 2015.

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