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One of the biggest and most approachable tool with a buyer against the misdeeds of a builder is the option of going to consumer court. The redressal through consumer court is possibly the swiftest of all and the success rates for buyers/owners in residential property cases under National consumer court stands at a tall 60%.
The success rate for commercial property cases adjudged by National consumer court is however at a dismal 25% .
Since there is still a substantial (40%) number of futile cases, it is imperative for buyers/owners to understand and study the judgments of already executed cases not relying on the lawyer(s) solely.
Also interesting to note is that for private builder versus buyer cases, 60-70% cases have been adjudged in favor of buyer if the case has taken more than 1.5 years to conclude. Otherwise, for cases taking less than 6 months, the success rate in favor of buyer is a dismal 20-30%.
To help our readers do a quick search of old judgments of different consumer courts at National, State and District level, we are sharing below a quick reference to Consumer court cases including but not limited to real estate:

The above re-directs to ConfoNet (Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer forums in India).
You can search for old judgments of the three consumer forums – National, States and Districts by date or by builder name through the above.

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