The Realty Diary – “Did everything but cried”

We recently received a post from one of our reader depicting the hardship he has had to bear post buying an under-construction unit in Noida.
Keeping the same story as a base and as part of our attempts to bring truth to light, we have started a new series called ‘The Realty Diary’.

This experience was received from Mr. Ankit Kumar Jain staying in Noida who bought an under-construction apartment in year 2009. We thank him for enlightening us with his encounter with a builder in the region (Ankit, please excuse us for some minor editing where required):

“It was way back in 2009 when I started looking for an apartment for my family. From a lower middle class family, my father being a government school teacher, we were fortunate enough to stay in a low rise government quarter. Staying in a high rise was never a planned event but moving to Delhi NCR for job would have meant a dearth of other options. After working for 10 odd years, this was my first and only investment thus far. I was quite unsure and began my research talking to brokers. There were limited options back in year 2009 in Noida. My budget was around 30 lacs. I started with a 990 sqft flat in a project in 117 which looked good on paper. I also gave a cheque for booking in the project but as luck would have it, with people suggesting otherwise, I moved my search to Noida expressway. I initially began with a 850 sqft flat in a project in sector 134. But, considering that I need to have space for my child and relatives when they visit us, I went beyond my budget to buy a 3bhk. I choose a 1390 sqft 3bhk in a project in sector 135. Promises galored on the day of my buy. I was told that possession will be offered in mid 2012 and that the builder is different from the usual businessman and believes in giving big spaces in best quality to its buyers. Being the ignorant man I was, I was pretty convinced. The newspaper advertisement that flashed a nice cozy condo with a touch of nature besides it was the first time I gave due attention to a realty project’s advertisement. I had a good tight sleep after more than a month of search eventually leading to a transaction to our liking. I was so obsessed that I used to measure the existing government quarter room and find solace in the fact that my new abode is going to be bigger and better. Then Noida extension happened and prices crashed like anything. I wondered why I invested at 300-400 rs per sqft extra. I swallowed the bitter pill of disappointment and it was not long that prices started to re-adjust. I didn’t anyways had plan for selling this out hence rates were immaterialistic. Meanwhile, I made it a point to visit the sample flat that builder had created and that led me to the belief that I was right (again ignorance got heavy on me). It took 9 months for the builder to come up with the allotment letter and now was the beginning of an era of cruel surprises. Builder had reset its possession date from allotment letter date instead of booking date. 2012 mid was reset to 2013 mid. We formed a small group online and resisted but with the small group size that it was, we failed to get a breakthrough as builder asked us to take back money or sign. The construction began albeit at slow pace and the structure with brick work was done by 2012 mid. We knew it was delayed but builder kept promising of a timely delivery. We were shocked to see the room sizes on our visit post structure completion. All room dimensions (carpet area measurements) were shorter by half a feet to one feet at least. It was curtains for our hopes. All our space planning was done according to the room sizes in the floor plan and the reduced sizes were a big blow to all of us. We were distraught but not destroyed yet. We met the elusive builder for once and he promised joint measurement, something that never happened till date. We went to media, news floated on TV and newspapers. We went to the police, to Noida authority but only fake promises were at reception. We have received possession letters from builder after more than 2 years of delay. The facilities and basic amenities like filtered water, electricity is not in place. The central green is nowhere to be seen. We were slapped with 1 lacs to 3 lacs additional/extra unexpected charges in form of government and luxury charges. It was beyond my status and abilities. The emotions ran heavy and there was lump in the throat urging for me to cry. But, I continue fighting both individually and as a group. I am fighting both the builder and the system. I will do everything but cry.”

We expect to keep ‘The Realty Diary’ a weekly affair. Our readers can share their stories at [email protected] and the same shall be published at the earliest possible. Both positive and negative experiences are welcome.

Comments/Feedback invited.


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2 thoughts on “The Realty Diary – “Did everything but cried”

  • April 30, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    You are doing a yeoman service for the people investing in property in Noida, but publishing articles with names of builders will not serve a purpose. I agree that you cannot publish the builder names as you may be liable for defamation but I suggest you allow the readers to post their comments with builders names and this would act as a deterrent

    • April 30, 2015 at 10:39 pm

      Thanks Pranay. Appreciate your candid feedback. We do not filter comments but we do moderate them for spams. So, there is no bar on the comments. We also started a real estate forum for users to communicate but that has taken off too well.

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