Central Noida to Greater Noida line to be officially called Brown line

The metro line from sector 52 Noida to Bodaki depot in Greater Noida would be officially known as Brown line.
The line from City centre to sector 62 in Noida will continue to be part of Blue line.
DMRC has updated the route details for these extended lines at its website.

Metro phase III and under-construction route map

As per the website, Sector 52, 51, 50, 78, 81, Dadri road, 83, 137, 142, 143, 144, 147, 153, 149, KP2, KP1, Pari chowk, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Delta 1 and Bodaki Depot fall on brown line route.
Similarly, sector 34, 52, 61, 59 and 62 fall on extended blue line route.

DMRC website has put these routes under under-construction/planning stage.
Speaking specifically of Brown line, while Noida authority is claiming completion of the same in 3 years time, there is a section of officials that claim that if found financially viable, the line may come up in phases. There is a likelihood of Sector 81 to Pari chowk route being completed first as this route doesn’t have potential land availability issues. The last mile connectivity with existing metro station in that case could soon follow this.

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