Cost involved in Interior work after possession

Receiving keys of a well deserved home from builder is the first fillip for a buyer.
However, what follows next is the strenuous task of getting the interiors done from home improvement and safety/security perspective.
The exercise involves finding the best in business at the best possible price.

This article is just an attempt to help you plan your finances better with respect to cost involved in interiors of a flat/floor/villa property post possession. It would also help ensure you cover all possible interior work items while you plan.

Interior ItemRemarksCost Involved
Fans1 each for bed rooms, 2 for drawing/dinning, 1 for terrace/big balcony1.5 k per fan for basic, 2.5-4 k for fancier fans + 500 to 1k labour
Exhaust Fans1 each for bathrooms, 1 for kitchen0.5 k per fan for basic, 1.5 k for advanced + 500 to 1k labour
LightsFancy or simple - flat entry, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, balconies, drawing dinning room, store20 per bulb, 300 per cfl, 500 per led, 1500 per fancy light,
4000-10000 for chandlier + 0.5k to 2k labour
GeysersYou would want to buy if winter is approaching or in progress - 1 for each bathroom3k for basic, 10k for advanced and higher capacity
ACsYou would want to buy if summer is in progress or approaching - At least 1 for Drawing/Dinning,
1 for master bedroom at least
20k to 35k per AC
Curtain rodsFor each window and door (internal and external)80 to 200 per sqft depending upon selected quality
CurtainsFor each window and door (internal and external)0.3k per curtain for basic, 0.5k to 0.7k for good quality
Civil workCivil work if any for modular kitchen, shifting for electricity cables etc.Labour and material cost varies on nature of work
Modular kitchenFor wooden/steel cabinets and baskets for kitchen700-1200 per covered sq ft for self arranged wood,
800-1500 per covered sqft for complete contract depending on ply used
WardrobesFor wooden/iron wardrobes for each room600 to 1100 per covered sq ft depending on wood/steel
and finishing
Other Wood workFor bathroom storage, for store room. If required, for dressing, tv unit, show piece units,
study table, beds
600 to 1000k per covered sq ft
Bathroom mirrorFull view mirror above washbasin2k to 7k per mirror
Balcony/window grillMandatory for lower floors for security, Also mandatory for higher floors with children120 to 200 per covered sqft
Mesh windows/balcony doorsRequired for keeping mosquitoes and flies away150 to 350 per covered sq ft
Main iron doorRequired for security7k to 20k depending upon strength, design, lock etc
Pop paintRequired if any civil work done on walls or if you want to change the themeLabour and material cost varies on nature of work,
paint cost 15-20 per sqft
False ceilingFor interior improvementsLabour and material cost varies on nature of work. Average 120-160 per sqft of covered area
Re-tilingFor interior improvements100 to 1k per 2*2 tile, 150 to 1.5k per 3*3 tile,
50 to 500 per 1*1 tile. Cost reduces if bought in bulk
Hob and ChimneyFor kitchen if found necessary5k-15k for hob, 10 to 15k for chimney, 15k plus for combo
Electric switchesIf builder provided switches are not of good quality5k to 15k for entire flat depending upon quality and number of rooms

The above is prevalent cost in NCR and there is only a slight variation in labor cost involved at other locations.

We would soon follow this up with references of people who could help you with the interiors.
We hope you would find it equally helpful.

Comments/Feedback invited.


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    Could you please provide few good Carpenters details in noida extension to done wood work ?

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    I would appreciate a list of suppliers in each category, who are found good by others

  • April 26, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    This is really good information to build the cost analysis for interiors. I am looking for one article from you, wherein you discuss the pros and cons of getting the interiors done by carpenters vs professionals. If possible some good pointers to designers in Delhi NCR region would be great.

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      Thanks for the appreciation Abhishek. Sure, that research is on and you can expect a post in 3-4 days on the same.

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    Good article to help manage cash flows.

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