Brown line metro work commences from Greater Noida’s side

The actual construction work on brown line (i.e. Central Noida to Greater Noida line via sector 7x and expressway) finally began last week.

The work has begun from Greater Noida’s end and certain regions falling in Noida area have also seen some development.

In Greater Noida, Metro Barricades have been placed at proposed Bodaki Depot and Delta 1 to isolate the construction area.
The machinery have also moved to the Bodaki Depot where construction seems to have begun in full throttle already.

In Noida, some development can be seen in sector 81, 83 this week where labors are seen digging with temporary metro boards enacted.

The officials are still putting 2017 as the planned date for completion of the route which seems unlikely given the elections in 2017 and a couple of unauthorized set ups that fall on the planned route.

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