Supertech’s final demand notice for Ecovillage 1 in Noida extension

A couple of towers of Supertech Eco-village 1 have been finally offered for possession by the builder.
In its final demand notice, the builder has surprised its buyers by introducing some un-anticipated charges.

Courtesy: Ecovillage owner
Courtesy: Ecovillage owner

Gaur has had already asked its buyers to pay 50 psf as farmer compensation component in August this year.
Other charges like water connection and labour cess has also come as a surprise to the buyers. While there is not much clarity on who should bear the labour cess (as it has been asked and received by other builders in Noida as well), water connection charges, it is said should have been part of original agreement.
The legality of these charges are in question however the buyer might have turned up paying at least few of the charges therein unless sufficient clarification was not sought on those on an immediate basis.
As an immediate measure, a meeting of NEFOWA was held with Supertech on this Saturday. The story would be covered as part of our next post.

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