Best projects of Noida Expressway

We have previously discussed some of the best projects of sector 7x and Noida extension.

Today, we discuss the ideal projects in Noida expressway region which is considered the most well planned and open development in entire NCR region with enough scope for future expansion:

ATS Hamlet
ATS as a builder has already stamped its superiority over its counterpart. Courtesy good builder credentials with accomplished quality and maintenance, this has indeed turned out to be a gem of a project. The towers were
delivered almost a year back and with the common areas and club almost completely developed, this is one of the few
obvious choices in entire Noida. The maintenance though not flawless is much better than some other projects at similar
stage of construction/maintenance. The build quality is above average. Some instances of seepage have been reported but
the remote instances have been resolved promptly.
Current rates of the project: 7600-7800

Purvanchal Royal park
Another project from a renowned builder in the region, the builder was quick to deliver the project on time (almost). The
build quality is good and corridors and common area have been developed well. The central park and club is being developed and expected to take some time before it gets fully operational. One thing that goes against the builder is however the location which is not as good as others in the sector. For five years at least, the location won’t let it fetch a good rate. But, it is indeed
an excellent choice for end use.
Current rates of the project: 5000-5300

Gulshan Vivante
Gulshan as a decent builder has ensured the project gets delivered on time and buyer’s get the due credit for having
faith on them. First phase has been delivered. The build quality is fairly acceptable. However, with metro expected to run next to the project in far future, this may not be a long term bet for investment considering the anticipated privacy hindrance.
Current rates of the project: 5000-5200

GV Sharanam
Great Value Sharanam was originally launched with Eldeco being portrayed as its promoter. However, it was later learnt that Great
Value (of Bikanerwala fame) is handling the promotion. The final demand notice has been sent to the buyers. The build
quality is average and the common areas are being developed at a decent pace.
While location is strategically excellent, plot itself has issues with a triangle shaped region still un-allotted between
its two legs.
Current rates of the project: 5600-5900

Jaypee Klassic
It took too long for Jaypee to develop this. However, with some push from Jaypee during the last year, it seems to be
coming up well now. Quality is average and corner park facing units are a good buy here.
While its true potential is yet to be explored, it comes with the burden of so many units within wishtown boundaries thereby ensuring the rates would always be under check.
Current rates of the project: 4400-4700

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