Things to check at time of possession of flat

Congratulations!!! You are one of the lucky few who manage getting possession of their property from builders. Having been through the tortuous wait for possession already, it’s time to do your homework right to ensure peaceful days ahead.

Below are some of the much do before taking physical possession of flat:

Prepare before you inspect

  • To have the seepage tested effectively, ask your builder to bring keys of both your flat and flat above and below you.
  • For drainage testing, take empty bucket and mug along with you.
  • For electrical testing, carry a bulb and holder with you.
  • For room measurement, carry a measuring tape with you.

Seepage/drainage inspection

  • Open all taps in bathroom/kitchen and balcony  and let water drain in flat above you and in your flat. Run tap at different pressure for around 10-15 minutes.
  • Let the water drain. If the water takes a long time to drain, it might well be a sign of clogged outlet. Report the same.
  • Post half an hour, check for any seepage on your roofs/walls and also in roof/walls of flat below you (reason we are talking of checking flat below you is to avoid any civil work that may be required in your flat post possession in case of a seepage complaint by owner of flat below you).
  • If balconies have no tap, bring bucket into action and check for clogging if any

Masonry work inspection

  • Check for uniformity of paint at each wall of your flat
  • Check for protruded plaster especially near doors/windows and electrical points
  • Check for cracks especially near doors/windows and electrical points
  • Check slope in baths and balcony. The slope should be towards the drainage outlet and not towards room.
  • Check commode flush functioning.
  • Check that all switches, sockets, electricity meter and main fuse are working.
  • Check all windows/doors from outside as well for any cracks etc.
  • Check all windows/doors for any loose settings. Ask for stoppers.
  • Check tiles for breakage or spacing in between

Room size inspection

Measure length and width of room against the dimensions provided to you in floor plan and report discrepancy if any.

Parking space inspection

Check that sufficient and properly marked parking is provided to you and listed in sub lease document

Society level inspection

  • Ensure that sewer line connection to authority line is in place.
  • Ensure authority electricity and direct water connection are available. Both are critical to avoid inflated bills and to ensure quality of water.
  • If water/drainage pipes running through external walls are concealed by builder and cant be seen by naked eye, get same checked by builder.
  • Check lift condition and check if connected to direct power.
  • Check security standards. Guards at tower basement/ground floor and main gate area are a must. Fenced boundary wall is also a necessity these days.
  • Check under construction block if any is properly insulated at ground and basement from the delivered block

Post inspection

  • Note all issues and send to the concerned from builder side.
  • Finalize date for re-inspection.
  • Follow same steps again at re-inspection.
  • Take all necessary documents before taking physical possession like NOC, sub lease document, possession certificate copy, maintenance agency agreement etc.

We hope the above article would be of some help to you.

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